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About us

Our organisation, our values

CineXpert, founded in 2013, is a company created by digital industry experts located in Pommerloch, Luxemburg. CineXpert delivers high value to cinema professionals through smart information processing and process optimization.

With a sound knowledge of digital cinema technologies complemented with high skills in security and networks, CineXpert provides software for cinema industry according to DCI recommendations and SMPTE standards.

Aside with stakeholders, CineXpert analyses business opportunities to deliver value to professionals through optimized workflows and innovative solutions.

Manufacturer agnostic as well as cinema service company agnostic, CineXpert turnkey solutions address cinema circuits, cinema service companies, distributors and content owners.

Our content distribution concepts target fully automated workflows, from booking to auditing

Our flagship solution: “CineXpert NOC Tools”, empowers its users and owners to get the most out of their digital investments and reduce their operational costs through smart information management and further appropriation of digital technologies.

CineXpert, optimized workflows for cinema industry 


Users Community

Our customer are partners, experts in operating their businesses, they all have their specific values, needs and constrains. They are part of our team.

With CineXpert collaboration processes, we make sure they are at the heart of the solution development strategy. Improvements and new features are discussed to ensure maximization of value delivery. Roadmap is transparently communicated in order to secure and rationalize expectations.

Industry Partners

Technology Building Blocks

Software development team is built from both internal and external specialists experienced in digital cinema and its standards.

This team is supported by telecommunication specialists in order to integrate state of the art technologies for cinemas of today and tomorrow.

Additionally, industry partnerships include strong and deep interactions with most of the manufacturers of cinema equipment.


Industrial Concern

CineXpert shareholding structure is based up on cinema industry individuals.

Most of them faced and have been involved with digitization challenges.

Strong from their worldwide spread, they wisely advise in order to tackle local and global market specifics

Thierry van der Kaa

Managing Director

Thierry created CineXpert SA late 2013 out of his own consulting organization, with the support of trusted cinema industry individuals. He previously managed technology strategies and their roll-out from XDC (spin out of EVS Digital Cinema) to dcinex, supporting the growth of the group up to €100 million revenues in 2012. Prior to XDC, Thierry was active in the telecommunications and process industries in B2B markets.

Thierry has a Master Degree in Applied Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering complemented with a Master Degree in Information Technology Management from University of Liège. He currently finalizes a Master Business Administration (OpenBordersMBA) while being an ISDCF and SMPTE member.