CineXpert e-NOC and CineXpert e-TMS services have drastically helped exhibitors staying safe while overseeing their equipment and content during the COVID19 lockdown. Lucky CineXpert customers could ensure systems were and still are in perfect conditions to restart of operations.

This crisis seriously affected and affects our industry. Whatever the contractual context, CineXpert has cancelled the costs of the e-TMS and e-NOC service while movie theatres were closed during the pandemic. This is to us, what means: “we are all in this together”, says Thierry van der Kaa, Founder of CineXpert.” Moreover, until the end of 2020, we are rewarding new partners joining the CineXpert Ecosystem and willing to optimize their operational and restart costs by providing a free connectivity and service activation fee”, added Mr van der Kaa.

CineXpert Tools are improving the operational efficiency of thousands of screens all over the world. From Latin America, to Europe and the Middle East; famous large circuits like Kinepolis Group; famous Film Festivals like Cannes Film Festival, Independent Cinema Associations and Highly skilled cinema Integrators are saving costs and gaining productivity thanks to the first and the best e-NOC Monitoring and e-TMS services.

Those wishing to obtain more information about this exceptional pandemic campaign terms and options are invited to contact CineXpert directly by email at