LAYER 1 : Curative

L1: Administration & Curative

This first functional layer allows you to manage your equipment inventory, cinemas and contact people. For content management purposes, this information can be exposed externally through a Facility List Message server (FLM-x according to SMPTE/ISDCF).

Additionally, you can initiate remote curative operations in case of problems or even engage remote training of new cinema operators.

This layer 1 runs on top of the layer 0.

User groups : cinema service technicians, cinema operators, cinema managers, equipment vendors, content providers.

Added value : down times reduced, enhanced synergies with cinema staff, travel costs reduction, time saving in equipment inventory information management.

LAYER 2: Helpdesk Ticketing

L2: Helpdesk Ticketing

This second functional layer allows you to track all issues and tasks to perform inside a single platform. You can organize the work of your service teams.

Thanks to this helpdesk system, cinema operators and managers can post issues and interact in a professional way with engineering teams (field or helpdesk technicians).

This layer 2 runs on top of the layer 1.

User groups : helpdesk engineers, field technicians, cinema operators, cinema managers.

Added value : improved communication, customer SLA, transparency.

LAYER 3: Preventive Monitoring

L3: Preventative Process

This third functional layer ensures you are proactively alerted about any kind of equipment issues.

Detailed equipment parameters history become available in order to start root cause analysis. Once the problem is figured out, you can start fixing it remotely thanks to the layer 1 tools, before it creates a black screen…

The powerful reporting engine enables you to gather in a few clicks, network wide technical information and automate reports delivery by email.

This layer 3 runs on top of the layer 1 and possibly in combination with layer 2.

User groups : help desk engineers, field technicians, cinema operators, cinema managers, equipment vendors, inventory controllers.

Added value : down times prevented, preventive management, live system information.

LAYER 4: Lamp & Analytics

L4: Analytics

This fourth functional layer gets the most out of collected information in order to allow you to control your costs.

Thanks to data mining processes, data is now directly delivering value.

You can optimize your operational practices regarding your lamp usage setting up your own quality standards, and of course as a consequence tune your operational costs down.

You are empowered with a tool to check equipment and consumables performances and are helped throughout the warranty claim process and quality management.

This layer 4 runs on top of the layer 3.

User groups : technical manager, purchaser manager, field technicians, cinema operators, cinema managers, lamp manfacturers.

Added value : operational cost reduction, performance management, transparency.

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